2024- Ostara Collective Healing Symposium “Using Your Heart As A Compass”


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Welcome to The Ostara Collective.  This is a symposium or collection of healers who are supporting and encouraging each other as we help shift the collective. It is based on my #heartasacompass radio interview series that I have been doing for over 14 years. This is a 12-month journey for 2024 to go deeper into our spiritual leadership. Each month holds a theme and a special guest. All of the content will be added to this course as we go and will be available for you to go back and watch as you feel called and guided. 2024 looks to be an amazing year, numerologically and astrologically- a number “8” master year – it is poised to be a BIG one for all of us, let’s use this energy to our advantage!

I look forward to being on this unfolding journey with you! If you are here you are also a spiritual leader and your journey is unfolding. We are here to support each other on the path. You are not alone. There is a whole magical world of like minded souls anchoring in the light all over the planet. We will have also have a public facebook page for all of us to post and share our experiences, support each other, ask questions and get feedback on these classes and workshops from each other!

Jan:  Intention✨ with Special Guest Britney Iannantuono ️
Feb: Self Care💕 with Special Guest Mandy Beliz
March: Abundance💚 with Special Guest Lucia King
April: Rebirth🌟 with Special Guest Larissa Riley
May: Joy 🐬 with Special Guest Marianela Kopinic
June: Release 😂  with Special Guest Laura Hendron
July: Peace 🕊 with Special Guest Debbie Perez
Aug: Courage 🦁 with Special Guest Kat Artemis
Sept:  Manifestation 🎉 with Special Guest Radhika Raju
Oct:  Ancestors 🙌 with Special Guest with Special Guest Michelle Fields
Nov: Gratitude 🙏 with Special Guest with Special Guest Cynthia Newton Rodier
 Dec: Presence 🎁 with Special Guest TBA
Each Month Includes:
✨️A new podcast interview w/ a special guest in our collective who is an emerging spiritual teacher on their awakening with tips & tricks on how to use our heart as a compass; Also available on a youtube playlist with past interviews for you to watch and learn from as well!
✨️New moon group sacred support circle/ master class where we come together as a collective to brainstorm our manifestations and hold space for one another on our spiritual journey as we help the collective
✨️A Full Moon Guided meditation/ channeled messages/ quantum healing via zoom with Spiritual Teacher Paige Lussier Johnson
Why the “Ostara Collective?” Ostara is a benevolent, sweet, and very kind druid/celtic goddess. She loves all things beautiful- She works with the divine feminine and fertility. She offers abundance of all kinds in oir life. She is Aka Ostara or Eostre. Which is where we have “Easter”: that is her feast day. Her celebration represents spring and new beginnings. Ostara loves us and supports us with great fertility in our homes, lives, and lands. She also connects us to our galactic family, reminding us of our divine DNA – and that we are “star stuff” spiritual beings having a human experience. Collective / Symposium is defined as a group or collection of essays or papers and videos on a particular subject by a number of contributors.
🙏This is my gift to you, to all of us as we raise our vibration and do the work so we can help humanity.
I know money for lightworkers has many levels of shadow work. It is time for us to raise our vibration and our abundance by lifting each other up as we help shift the collective!
Money is an energetic vibration. God’s source is unlimited. There is no fee for this course: Participation is energetic. $$ by donation 💖 pay what you feel called, when you feel called: As your vibration raises, so too will your abundance which you can share! Thank you for offering to be a part of this group.  If you already feel abundant and do feel called to donate ✨️ please do!
My aim is that this course helps you in your spiritual journey AND I hope to be here for YOU as a spiritual teacher and fellow light weaver! Book a healing session with me- You are worth it! We all need each other to do this work!
Many blessings for who you BE and who you are BECOMING!
Namaste. Aho! Amen!
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What Will You Learn?

  • How to Use Your Heart As A Compass

Course Content

The Ostara Collective
The Ostara Collective is a Symposium on healing by healers. Each month holds a new theme with a special guest! It is my honor to work with and know these gifted souls! In this Module you can meet the monthly teachers with links to their bio, website and more information how to contact them!

January Theme: INTENTION
for more on our special guest Britney Iannantuono and her work go to https://energeticrestoration.com/ A note From Britney: I’ve been in the field of nursing for twenty years and have spent most of my career caring for critically ill patients with a variety of cardiac and neurological conditions. Though acute care has always been my passion, I’ve realized the importance of healing the whole person and getting to the root cause of disease. I felt that something was missing from the medical community and started on my own journey to find a better way. Reiki was what changed me. It was so different than the healing I was used to with medications and protocols. Could there be an emotional imbalance that led to physical symptoms in the body and could realigning our energy really work? I was first certified as an Usui Reiki Practitioner in 2007, have deepened my practice over the years and received my Reiki Master Certification in 2015. By definition, Reiki is a healing technique in which energy flows through a practitioners hands activating the client’s ability to heal and restore health and wellbeing. For me, it has become a way of life. Reiki has taught me to see the world from a different perspective. By practicing Reiki on myself and incorporating the Reiki principles for mindset, intention and presence, my life has completely shifted! My relationship with myself has changed… I’ve changed. Anger and negativity were replaced with gratitude and understanding. I can see the lessons life was meant to teach me. I’ve learned that my emotions were messengers asking to be healed and how to heal them before they created disease in the body. Wow, this is really real! I now want to share it with everyone I can. If this could help me, it can help anyone! I am thrilled to be a part of your journey as well and am so excited to work with you!

February Theme: SELF CARE
Special Guest Mandy Marshall currently resides in Belize but is an avid world traveler and interior designer. In her 50's she switched from her busy corporate career in hotel decor and renovation to focus on her calling as a life path coach and spiritual healer. She is an avid yoga enthusiast and has studied many different healing and coaching modalities over the years. She takes clients by referral only if you are watching this and want to work with Mandy please reach out to Paige so she can make the reference for you. In this interview we discuss How to use your heart as a compass and what self care really means to the spiritual soul and in sisterhood.

March Theme: ABUNDANCE
Special Guest Lucia King of Amerstdam is a galactic healer, channel and light language Practitioner. If you would like to learn more about her please go to her youtube channel for additional information and recordings.

April Theme: REBIRTH

May Theme: JOY

June: Theme RELEASE

July Theme: PEACE

August Theme: COURAGE

September Theme: MANIFESTATION


November Theme: GRATITUDE

December Theme: PRESENCE