Curious how Vibrational Healing can help you? My name is Paige, I’m here to show you how.

Vibrational healing medicine is a form of alternative medicine that uses the vibrations of different frequencies, such as sound and light, to promote healing and balance in the body.

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Crystalline Soma Healing Method & Chakra Embodiment

The Crystalline Grid is connected to ascension codes in Earth and ley lines for the awakening of all sentient beings. As a keeper of the land and one who works closely with Gaia (Mother Earth) my focus is connected to the Embodiment of the Crystalline Codes on earth and in our physical bodies. Crystalline Soma Healing Method is an energy-based form of healing that connects in with the powerful frequencies of the crystalline grid. The healing not only works on your physical body but your subtle and auric bodies as well. This healing method is extremely powerful as it not only dispels low vibrational energy caused by trauma and dis-ease that may be stagnant in your aura field, but it helps you connect to your own healing potential and guides. The Crystalline Soma Healing Method is like Reiki in that it brings in benevolent light from source to heal and it can be done in person or distant. Reiki focuses on the 7 main chakras. Crystalline Soma Healing method works in your subtle energetic and auric bodies and will clear 49+ chakras. This method leads itself to zoom and online healing work as we do not have to “lay on hands”. I have clients and testimonials from Australia to USA.

Cosmic Improv & Healing your Inner Artist

 I call my medicine “cosmic improv” because I blend improv and healing. Improv teaches you how to Say “Yes And” to life. It is through this philosophy of “Yes, And” that we can connect to our inner artist and inner child as we open up to our own unique divine path. As a healer and medicine woman I work in the quantum field. Life is all a beautiful improvisation from birth to death. Much of my teaching and healing comes through as transmissions from spirit, also another improvisation of the highest form. I am a fully open channel, working closely with the Akashic Record Keepers, Galactic Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels and Arch Angels. It is through these transmissions from spirit that we can embody our own divine blue print. Thus, we have Cosmic Improv: Channeled sessions- Healing through Laughter & Manifesting through JOY. Tapping into your inner artist and aligning harmony, bringing balance and flow through your healing and chakra embodiment.  Say “Yes, And” to your healing journey and work with me now.

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By using different frequencies to bring the body back into balance, vibrational healing aims to promote healing and well-being.

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Paige is a gifted healer, a holy channel for Spirit. Each of the sessions I have had with her, took me on a life changing spiritual journey. Issues that remained unhealed after years of prayer and therapy, have been healed. I have discovered more about who I really am, and am beginning to walk in that truth. I look forward to our next session with great anticipation.

– Nancy Ross

Goodness your course was powerful! So many ‘aha’ moments! There is so much to do and such good info between emails, youtube, facebook and our sessions! Thank you so much for the reading & healings. You are so beautiful and gifted. I am full of gratitude for you and the chakra embodiment course…it has been life changing!

– Kat Artemis