Crystalline Soma Healing & Chakra Embodiment

The Crystalline Grid resonates at the level of the 5th dimension on Earth. It holds information on the ascension template, and it is through the gird that the earth is being supported in its own ascension, so too is humanity. Integration with the Crystalline Grid supports you in holding ascended master wisdom on ascension and awakening in your physicality- we do this through EMBODIMENT. It is in embodiment that we can bring forth the frequencies of light in our everyday life. As we become more connected to the crystalline grid, we begin experiencing our own ascension path more clearly.

How did I come to know and work with the crystalline grid? It has been a journey. I have always worked with the land and the fae. As a child I was highly intuitive and had many psychic gifts. I was often in my young years in clear remembrance of my connection to earth, air, fire, wind. I forgot in later years and had to go through a remembrance phase. Always connected to and aware of Mother Earth and the unseen energy of nature, I studied psychology and theater in college as ways for me to channel and understand the mysteries of life. I started my spiritual certifications in 2008. I am a Reiki Master Teacher studying under Sprouting Love, LLC and Natalie Berthold. As a Reiki Master Teacher and healer, I have been using Reiki as a way to connect to the earth, trees and animals for many years. In 2012 I began studying with Chernise Spruell where she assisted me in connecting and working with the Angels and Arch Angels in a more succinct way. Chernise also opened me up to my channeling and light language. In 2019 I felt the call of Mother Earth. I am a graduate of Earth Tender’s Academy where I learned how to work closely with Gaia, Spirits of the land and the Earth’s Crystalline grid from a shamanic and wisdom keeper perspective. I offer property readings and clearings to help you connect with the spirits of the land. I also learned more about the Crystalline Grid in my studies with Deva Shakti Botazzi in her School of Wisdom and Wisdom Mastery program. It is through Shakti and the awakened path that I am certified in crystalline soma healing method, level 2. Currently I am working with the Akashic Records keepers under the tutelage of Juli Gauthier, where my psychic readings, medium and channelisistic gifts have come online full fold. I have been a psychic reader, medium and channel at Life Path Fellowship for over a year where I am working with Rev. Elaine San Soucie to become an ordained spiritualist minister. I offer in person, one-on-one & online and group classes, workshops and channeled message work. If you would like to book a session with me but don’t know where to start, I suggest a Signature Session – where we work with spirit and bring forth what is best for you personally from all of these above modalities and discuss a plan for further healing. A signature session could include a reading, distant reiki, channeled message, guided meditation or life path coaching. However, if you know you are ready to begin your healing journey, I suggest diving into a crystalline soma healing session!

What is Crystalline Soma Healing Method? 

Crystalline Soma Healing Method is an energy-based form of healing where I connect in with the powerful frequencies of the crystalline grid and become a conduct for your own healing to take place. I am intuitively driven by the help of my divine guidance team. 

Crystalline Soma Healing not only works on your physical body, but your subtle bodies too. This uses ALL my years of training and healing methods, and it channels direct from source. I work through 49 chakras located in the front and back of your aura body, opening up and balancing them out.

This healing is extremely powerful as it not only helps dispel low vibrational energies from traumas and dis-ease that may be stagnant in your aura field, however it also allows you to recognize and connect into your own healing potential. I may use different shamanistic and subtle energy tools in the session such as drumming, light language, essential oils, and crystals. Each session is different depending on what my guides and your guides bring forth for healing.

Crystal healing and crystal grid work is a form of alternative medicine that uses crystals and gemstones to promote healing and balance in the body. Crystals have unique properties and vibrations that can be harnessed to help with specific intentions for manifestation and physical, emotional, or spiritual issues. They hold keys and codes within them that help aid in our healing, and spiritual ascension. Crystals are part of the living crystalline grid and can assist us in our awakening. Each crystal has unique properties and vibrations that can be harnessed to help with specific physical, emotional, or spiritual issues.

There are several different ways that crystals can be used in my healing practice. Crystals are connected to each chakra and are used in chakra embodiment. I make distant healing and crystal sets that include specific crystal and/or jewelry for you to wear or to carry it in your pocket or place it in your home environment. I often use crystals during meditation, visualization, or other forms of inner reflection, with the intention of connecting to the crystal’s unique energy, I often channel the wisdom of the crystal for the client or prescribe it as medicine. I may also place crystals on or around the body (or proxy) during a healing session to help balance the energy centers (chakras) and promote physical and emotional well-being.

As a keeper of the land and Earth Tender, I love working with Essential Oils are made from plants, trees and flowers which already carry a high vibration. By using an essential oil we can raise our own personal vibration via the olfactory system. The chemical messengers go through and impact the brain and thus provide healing directly where it is needed. I create my own special custom blends of chakra essential oils and will often bring them into our sessions to accentuate healing.

Vibrational Medicine

Vibrational medicine such as Reiki, and Crystalline Soma are holistic approach’s to healing that uses the vibrations of different frequencies to promote balance and well-being in the body. Both pull in life force energy and channel it to you and your intentions for health. Life Force also known as Prana, Ki, Chi essentially are all the same benevolent energy of love and light that in its divine wisdom goes to where it needs to in your body to heal. Healers such as myself are simply bridges for the divine to send you more love and light and healing keys, codes and wisdom. Subtle energy can include techniques such as signs, sigils, sound therapy, light therapy, oils and crystal healing. All fall under the same umbrella of vibrational energy.

The theory behind vibrational medicine is that everything in the universe is made up of energy and vibrations, and that imbalances or disruptions in these vibrations can lead to physical and emotional issues. By using different frequencies to bring the body back into balance, vibrational medicine aims to promote healing and well-being.

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Chakra Embodiment

Chakras are energetic centers within our body and are based on wisdom that dates back 5,000 or so years. We in the West have similar hierarchies of healing and stages of development that are used in traditional psychology 101, but not as in depth and encompassing mind, body AND spirit! I started studying chakras in 2006 when I was beginning my certification and study of Reiki. I am a Reiki Master Teacher and love using my chakra embodiment one-on-one sessions, workshops and online class to help healers understand their own energetics and thus translate that to healing for others. As a method actress my training was to “become” the character and I used this methodology to become (or embody) the chakras. I am a fully open Channel and I use channeled prayer and messages as a spiritual practice in which I seek and share guidance or communication from a higher power. I have an online course designed to help you understand and EMBODY the chakras for your own wisdom and personal ascension journey. Please note, I am not a medical Dr. It’s important to consult with a medical doctor if you have any health concerns.

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Please note: I am not a Dr. The work I do is in subtle energy healing. It’s important to consult with a medical doctor if you have any health concerns. Vibrational medicine can complement traditional medicine, but it is not a replacement!