Cosmic Improv

 I was a method actress. I moved to NYC to become comedian/ actress in 2002. I studied Stanislavsky, Meisner, Shakespeare, Uta Hagen and more. I got into character by thinking like the character and embodying them. I was a comedian too: studying Improv in NYC at The People’s Improv Theater with Saturday Night Lives Ali Reza Farahnakian. I studied improv at the PIT (a conservatory style training) and learned the lessons of Improv’s Guru Del Close and it changed my life. 

Improv Teaches you:

1) Say Yes, And  

2) Listen to Really Listen 

3) Failing is okay 

4) Use your imagination 

5) Follow the fear 

6) There are no mistakes 

7) Everything is possible 

8) Find the gift 

9) PLAY the game 

10) whatever you do, do it 100%  

And…Always: Have fun! 

These are also life lessons on how to live, love and in terms of manifestation…they teach you how to tap into the Joy frequency and manifest more good stuff in your life! 

There are no mistakes for the divine.

There is always a gift in each lesson. Instead of thinking “why is this happening?” We can rephrase it to ” why is this happening FOR me?!”…

or “what is the gift in this?”

Learning how to experience life with the philsophy of “Yes, And” adds healing and laughter to your life. Life begins to get better with finding your moments of joy and saying yes to them! 

“Yes, And” creates momentum where you tell the universe…I have JOY here..Yes, And…show me more!!! Because joy is the highest frequency, we feel it fleetingly- but if we connect the “joy” dots, we find our own inner map using our heart as a compass.

When I started my spiritual practice as a Reiki Master in 2008, I took the 5 principals of Reiki, and they also changed my life for the better. 

Reiki principals are: 

1. Just for today, I will not anger 2. Just for today I will not worry. 3. Just for today I will live honestly 4. Just for today, I will honor my higher self, my parents, teachers, and elders. 5. Just for today, I will show gratitude for everything. 

When I applied the Reiki principals with my improv mantras of “yes, and” my life started to turn around…or, at least I was different in how I reacted and acted to my everyday struggles. I wasn’t a constant drama queen on stage and off! My life started to flow with more grace, ease and JOY!

I started “yes, and-ing” my life and my healing! This is how I live now! And I want to share it with you!  Improv will teach you to listen and use imaginative play to manifest the life you desire! 

 I call my medicine “cosmic improv” because I blend improv and healing. As a healer and medicine woman I work in the quantum field. Life is all a beautiful improvisation from birth to death! Much of my teaching and healing comes through as transmissions from spirit, also another improvisation of the highest form. Thus, we have Cosmic Improv: Channeled sessions. Healing through Laughter. Manifesting through JOY. Tapping into your inner artist and aligning harmony, bringing balance and flow through your healing and chakra embodiment. 

 If you’re interested in learning more about cosmic improv & more about how to heal through laughter and play….I am the teacher for you. Say yes, and….to your higher self.

Speaking Engagements Workshops & Fundraisers

I am a certified teaching artist in the state of New Hampshire, having been vetted and approved to teach in schools with children pre-k through High School, as well as with adults in the medium of theater and Improvisation. My Cosmic Improv workshops can be one day class or double as a fundraising event with live audience. I host workshops, speaking seminars, retreats and team building for schools, non-profits and business organizations alike. My Cosmic Improv workshops work for a group of 12 or 12,000 and can be accommodated for all ages. I have taught pre-k through senior citizen and for schools, nonprofits and businesses. I will tailor the program to your group and your intention. For example Schools: Art Day and Fun for the children to play and learn new social-emotional skills. For business: As a team building retreat to increase sales and collaboration.

I use theatrical improv games to help the attendees connect to one another, build on self-leadership and inspire team collaboration.

Discover your inner artist-let them come out and play! Use your feet to find your voice. Listen to your inner artist:

ACTING-Telling a story with our whole self

IMPROV-Saying Yes, And.

MOVEMENT-Using your feet to find your voice






Life is an im·prov·i·sa·tion
/imˌpräviˈzāSHən/ noun. noun: improvisation the action of improvising something that is improvised, especially a piece of music, drama, etc., created without preparation. plural noun: improvisations “free-form jazz improvisations” Enjoy it.

The best time to do a full moon ritual is on the first night of the full moon and in the evening because the moon rules the night. But if you can’t do it that night, you’ve got a 2-3 day window to work with while the moon is still in its fullest phase.

What is the difference between Improv & Cosmic Improv?

  • Cosmic Improv Workshops have a spiritualist base to them.
  • In Cosmic Improv we “Say Yes, And” to Improv and Self Improvement/Healing
  • In Cosmic Improv we look at the teachings of Del Close from a spiritual philosopher
  • In Cosmic Improv each session will include spiritual tips, tools and motivational life lessons
  • In Cosmic Improv we talk about spirituality and use these classic theater games and exercises to bring us closer to our healing wisdom.
  • We will discuss metaphysical topics like spirit guides, chakras and healing.
  • In Cosmic Improv each session will end with a group healing based on what was brought up in the workshop

If you would like to book a cosmic improv workshop at your studio, school, business or organization, please reach out to me. 603-562-0777